What Are You Stubborn About?

By Sarah Petty L. Ac., Dipl. Ac. on August 15th, 2012

You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha.

Hello Everyone!

We are starting to transition into Fall. Can you feel it? We’ve had some crisper days and the smell in the air isn’t as sweet. I thought I’d offer a few more thoughts in the Earth season before we move on.

Last week we explored some thoughts on what it is to be nourished. A focus was put on integrating what we take in by opening up our sensory being. When we put our attention on our experience, the experience becomes a part of us. Puts a whole new perspective on “We are what we eat.” “I am a nutrient-empty, salty bag of chips.” “I am a succulent, tangy, ripe peach.” Could it also be said that “We are HOW we eat.”? “I am a mindless drone, going through the motions of my monotonous, fruitless life.” “I am a present human being who finds adventure with every bite!” Just a thought.

It moves me to explore this phenomenon that I see happening in each and every person I come in contact (including myself). I am talking about the feisty rebel in us all. The stubborn child within us all that when told to eat their veggies, replies, “NO!” When I first began my acupuncture practice, I thought a huge part of my job would be education. People would come to see me for wisdom of the better ways of living and being. Now, I realize, most people know better, they just struggle with themselves in choosing better habits. So, now I see my role as disciplinarian in charge of dismantling the miseducation society has seduced us all with. We know better. Now we need to choose better.

“Why is this so hard?”, I ask myself often. Everyone should ask themselves this. Why would you choose to mistreat yourself in any way? Perhaps you are cunning and truly believe that ice-cream is “treating” yourself. If you are one who uses food as a reward system, spend some time thinking of healthier ways to reward yourself. A massage, a facial, a swim, 30 minutes of giult-free, uninterrupted nothing… Is there less guilt involved with these choices? What are the long term benefits? One of the best things we all can work on is the need for immediate gratification. Think about all the times this need has gotten you into trouble. Break your pattern. The next time you feel that need, take a moment to pause before you leap into your habitual mind and go for the box of donuts a coworker brought in. One of the powers of the Earth element is thoughtfulness. Be thoughtful in your choices. Know that each time you put down a brownie, the ice-cream, a candy bar, that you are rewarding your body with respect and appreciation. You are saying, “the momentary high I get when eating junk is shortly replaced with guilt and indigestion and today I’ve decided it’s not worth it.”

What drives the choices we are making? Spend some time exploring this. You may find the root of your suffering. You may be under the illusion that you are not deserving. You may tell yourself you are weak, and your addiction to junk food is much stronger. You may tell yourself that for a moment, the junk fills a deep need you have inside of you. Whatever illusion you choose, know they are all false. If you have stepped foot in my office, you are among the wealthiest, most fortunate, most free peoples in the World. You are free. If there is any part of you that does not feel free, it is generated by you. You create the world you live in. Your dogma, your rules, your mood, everything. If you find yourself not quite satisfied, perhaps it is time to revamp your world.

So, nourishment and self-care is improved by savoring and it is also important to be mindful of the sources of nourishment we choose. Ask yourself, “What am I being stubborn about?” Are you choosing to add to your suffering? I challenge you all to let go of the you that makes excuses for your behavior and start to make bold choices in service of your well being. Consider this a dose of tough love! Start living with intention. Get off of the bench and become a co-creator of your life. There is a voice inside you telling you there has to be more than this. Keep listening and seek out those whispers of longing. Let them lead you to the depths of your soul. One glance of your soul will shatter all the painful illusions that otherwise cloud your heart.

“We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.” –Marianne Williamson

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Spoil yourselves spiritually! Till next time, Be Well.

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