Valentine’s Day

By Sarah Petty L. Ac., Dipl. Ac. on February 14th, 2012

Some might say there is an epidemic of loneliness. I start to wonder then, at the root-What is loneliness? The dictionary says it’s a sadness that comes from having no friends or company, but it is a fact that we are never truly alone. We always have ourselves, the most  faithful companion besides God (if that is your personal belief). If you are unhappy in the company of your faithful friend, stay with that feeling-ask into it. What is missing? All the love, all the joy, all the passion is within us. I promise you, you have all you need inside of you. Life is the journey of remembering we are already home. So I say, loneliness is the feeling of being disconnected to ourselves. If we can find the way back to ourselves, we can tap into that well of love that is within us all. If we rely on the outside world for our happiness, we are never free. We will have to sit and wait for a seemingly blessed moment of grace from an outside stimulus to spark a fire of joy within us. And who knows when that moment will come? You can choose to work on uncovering the joy within you, wounded layer by wounded layer. It isn’t always easy work, but the reward is joy and freedom.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!

Click on the link below for a spectacular video-music and a poem on inspirational instructions on how to be alone:

How To Be Alone

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