Treat Yourself and Forgive

By Sarah Petty L. Ac., Dipl. Ac. on August 22nd, 2012

Hello All!

We are in the transition into Fall. Do you feel it? Do you notice a shift in your body as well as outside? Is your mood shifting?

Today I would like to prepare us for the lovely Fall energy with some thoughts on forgiveness. Fall is about letting go to what no longer serves so that we may make room for new gifts. The leaves must let go and fall to the Earth so that new growth can emerge in the Spring. The organs of the Fall are Lung and Large Intestine. The Lungs can not inspire without fully expiring. The Lungs breathe in precious oxygen to diffuse it into the blood where then it is carried out to every cell in our bodies. The Lungs must expire carbon dioxide (which can become toxic if not kept at a certain level) before taking another breath. The Lungs are literally and figuratively where we get our inspiration from. It is no coincidence that our language links the Lungs with breath and a sense of divine influence that has us be moved. The Large Intestine is also charged with the task of letting go. The Large Intestine’s job is to hone in on precious minerals that need to be reabsorbed into the body as nutrients before sending the rest of the bulk as waste to be eliminated. The Lung and Large Intestine thrive on rhythm (breath and peristalsis). These are organs that enjoy the feeling of being empty and clean.

With all that being said, you may already be thinking about the importance of letting go for both of these organs and the consequences of getting backed up or held up on a physical as well as mental and spiritual level.

So, for today’s topic, I chose Forgiveness.

Take a moment and reflect. Is there anyone in your life you are holding something against? Do you feel someone has wronged you? Are you holding onto disappointment, hurt, anger, betrayal, resentment? Is there anything you are holding onto in your life that is minimizing or cutting off your ability to love someone fully? Is there anything you are holding against yourself? Are you being too hard on yourself?

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Anger, resentment, betrayal, disappointment; these are all states that live inside of us. We are the ones experiencing them, living them. We are the ones who will be hurt by them, emotionally and physiologically. No amount of hate, no matter how strong, will touch another unless they welcome that hate-which of course is out of our control.

When you forgive, you are giving yourself a treatment. You are letting go of whatever bad feelings you have that rob you of your peace, love and joy. Focus this week on what you can let go of. Think about the gift you will bring to yourself by letting go. Sometimes pride can get in the way. Remember, you are not forgiving another because “they deserve it”, you are doing it because it will serve you. And if you’re waiting for the other person to apologize, don’t waste your time. Swallow your pride and be the one to offer movement in a stagnant¬† situation. There is also no need to verbally forgive someone. You can do it privately to yourself. The effects for yourself will be the same-Freedom from negativity.

Everything we hold onto carries a weight. If we hold onto enough pain and negativity, it will start to feel like life is dragging us down. Soon, we’ll be bombarded by unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Negativity will influence all of our senses. We will see the world through a negative lens. Our world as we know it would be filled with irritation and judgement. We will expect and think the worst of people and situations. We will be so mired in our crap that clarity will be inaccessible and there will be many perceived slights.

So the key will be to make room for positivity by letting go of the negativity. Lighten that heavy heart. Choose Love over Hate. Feel how that is a much more fruitful space to be in. Be an example to your family and community. Inspire those around you with your strength and commitment to living well.

There will be no blog next week. I will be in California, creating a wedding cake for a dear friend. Continue to live with intention. Be Well.

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