Material World

By Sarah Petty L. Ac., Dipl. Ac. on October 24th, 2012

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart.”

-Helen Keller

Hello everyone!

How are you stretching yourselves today? What intention have you created? I have noticed myself being short and frustrated lately, feeling like there is little in my control. So, my intention today is no matter what, I will fill my heart with gratitude. I will be counting my blessings today instead of humming and hawing over perceived obstacles. How about you?

For today’s blog I am exploring another aspect of the Metal Element: Materialism. The challenge with the Metal Element is around assessing value of things. Some may assign too much while others will assign too little. When our value system is off, important things may slip through our fingers while we hold on to the shame of mistakes, the pain and anger from insults and the grief of things not meeting our expectations. ┬áIf our value system is off, we are more susceptible to materialism, putting more value into shiny, expensive objects. The truth is, what is of highest value is least substantial.

My mother has a lot of metal out of balance. She would have been on that scary show, The Secret Life of Hoarders, if it weren’t for my dad stepping in. I was 12 when he joined our family. My mother still managed to fill a basement with all sorts of lone objects-all of which she had emotional attachment to, thus making it unspeakable to part with any of them. I remember the bathroom I used when I lived in her house after I moved back to Virginia from Maryland. I was constantly bumping into these floating shelves she put in for decoration. One day, I knocked the shelf and a Japanese tea cup that my grandaddy have given me for christmas one year dropped on my foot and broke when it hit the floor. My mother must have seen the whole thing, because the first thing I heard was an Earth-shattering cry of pain FROM HER. She was so upset about the mug, she had no regard for my blackened big toe.

She also loved to spend money to relieve her blues. We all do it. Shop therapy. Someone who is stuck in metal may feel isolated, worthless and empty. Uncomfortable with these feelings, they may try and fill this void with new things. The problem with materialism is that all physical things tarnish and their value fades over time. Plus, no amount of treasures will fill the void. The only thing that will fill it is your ability to cultivate self-worth. To recognize that you are filled with divine light, and thus have value to share with the world. You matter.

Spend some time this week to reflect on personal things you are proud of. What do you have to offer? If this is challenging for you, think about what a good friend or family member might say are qualities they appreciate about you. If nature is a place where you breathe easy, spend some time taking in a colorful Fall tree line or a sun-soaked, cloudy sky. If you feel isolated, think about the ways in which you create isolation in your life. Could you be manifesting you destiny to be alone and therefore contributing very little to the rest of the world, feeding your story of worthlessness? If you have a story that you are insignificant and you do not matter, know that nothing could be further from the truth. As I always say, the answers are inside of you. All you need is within you. Take a break from the fleeting high of the material world and spend some quality time in your own, to bask in the beauty that is you. I see it. I hope you do too.

Thank you for reading today. Thank you for engaging in practices to bring you more peace and personal growth. Healing yourself will automatically have a positive effect on everyone in your environment. The work you are doing is important.

Till next time, be well.

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